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Candy UK inspires and innovates with a unique & wide range of traditional British candy. We are the one-stop provider for all candy needs to our retailers, wholesalers and distributors on a global basis allowing us to accommodate our clients wishes and expectations through high-quality products with authentic flavours, appearances and taste sensations.

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Candy UK is famous for more than just our delicious rock, available in almost every flavour you can think of! From traditional confectionery such as candy canes and humbugs to 3D lollipops embossed with your logo or favourite character, Candy UK has a full selection to ensure your needs are catered for.

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Our Factory

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Have you always wondered how they get the letters through the rock? Come and see for yourself at Blackpool’s largest candy making factory shop!

The secrets to how we make our famous rock, sweets and lollipops are located within this working factory. Learn the history of Candy UK, from record breaking rock sticks to confectionery gifted to Winston Churchill, and see how we’ve evolved and improved with a changing industry.

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